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Posted by rightsbasedhaiti on January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 5:52 am

This morning we woke up to aftershocks around 5am.  Again, the tremors were met with singing.  The singing is almost as forceful as the quakes.  They are still singing now with all of their force – Hallelujah!  It is as if they are saying “we are not afraid!”  These people are so beautiful that I cry even now, as my ears are filled with their voices and I am writing these lines, hoping that the power will hold out.  There are no others like the Haitian people.

The singing was all night.  There were other aftershocks throughout the night.  But this singing now is the singing that will also meet the sun as it comes up to show us all of the damage once again.  Bittersweet sunrise.

Today the big question is gas.  We ran out two days ago when I drove back to the commune.  We meaning the country.  On my drive back to the commune i stopped all along the road to buy gallon by gallon.  I stopped at six gas stations and was finally able to get full of diesel after filling up at every one.

I am eager to leave the Matthew House to check out the school at Delmas 31 so that we can start setting it up with mechanics , parts and tools.  I also want to get to Didi’s.  But I am still afraid to leave until the sun comes up.  I just want to hug the kids.  What I wouldn’t do for a hug!


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