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Article 29 Organization: coming together for a Rights Based Haiti!

Posted by rightsbasedhaiti on May 24, 2010

Since the Earthquake, Rights Based Haiti has been very busy moving its efforts from disaster relief in Port-au-Prince back to rights-based development in the Anse Rouge region. The latest development is the official launch of the Article 29 Organization which will carry out Rights Based Haiti’s programming. The Article 29 Organization (A29) is named after Article 29 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states that “Everyone has duties to the community in which alone the free and full development of his personality is possible.”

In the last month, A29 has developed a grassroots support project with several women’s organizations in Commune Anse Rouge. To this end, A29 is working with The Equilibrium Fund (http://www.theequilibriumfund.org/) to implement a reforestation and school lunch program in the Anse Rouge region which will provide much needed nourishment to children in the Anse Rouge region. The project will also jump start community-based and developed reforestation initiatives in the region, which will be headed by women.

A29 has also been working with Students at Johns Hopkins Graduate School of Public Health on two separate endeavors: (1) an analysis of the availability of public health services and medicines in the post-earthquake Anse Rouge region and (2) the development of a multi-stakeholder strategy for salt production and iodization in Haiti. A29 is pleased to announce the support of its partners at the University of Oregon School of Law in the development of its rights based haiti programming. A29 is very excited to work with Professor Ibrahim Gassama and his human rights class in taking a closer, applicable approach to economic, social and cultural rights in development work in Haiti.

Finally, the latest news is that A29 has acquired its first vehicle in Haiti and had it completely upgraded this week. Hats off to our 85 Land Cruiser! A29’s Director, Amber Munger and field coordinator, Eber Pierre, have named the trusty vehicle “Bruce Lee” in honor of our recent Johns Hopkins Graduate Public Health Student, Andy Tyan! A29 also purchased its first off-road motorcycle which it will share with community organizers in an effort to get community mobilizers into the hard to reach regions of Anse Rouge where there are no roads. We look forward to updating you all on further developments in the next few weeks.


Amber Lynn Munger, Director Article 29 Organization


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