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Documentary and New Website!

Posted by rightsbasedhaiti on September 15, 2010


PLEASE GO TO OUR NEW WEBSITE BY CLICKING HERE! OR go to www.article29organization.org

Article 29 Organization has a snazzy new website (that is update with links, research, news, and all sorts of other stuff)!  Check us out at www.article29organization.org. We will continue to use this wordpress site for our blog only and will link it to the website later this month for your convenience.  Visit the website and tell us what you think!


Article 29 Organization has been working with the Maya Nut Institute to bring back the Maya Nut (Breadnut) tree to Haiti.  As part of A29’s women’s empowerment and health programs, A29 is using the Maya Nut to help women establish small businesses, improve nutritional health for their families, and reforest our region of Haiti.  Check out the (very brief) 2 part documentary on our work!


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Making Waves! 6 months of accomplishments for A29

Posted by rightsbasedhaiti on September 2, 2010

6 Months of Accomplishments

With the help of University of Oregon Law School students and professors, A29 was formally incorporated in Oregon in July, (although we have been active in Haiti since May 2010).  In the 5 months that we have been active, we have made remarkable progress!  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

  • Micro-credit, health, reforestation, and the Maya Nut Tree – A29 is partnering with the Maya Nut Institute in the development of a reforestation, health, education and women’s empowerment project that will result in the establishment of food forests throughout the region.  Haitians have begun calling the tree “chokogou” referring to the chocolate-like flavor of the roasted seed.
  • Providing crucial livelihood data for isolated areas – A29 plays a unique role linking rural populations with the agencies and international organizations whose mandate it is to support them.  For example, A29 executed surveys in Anse Rouge immediately after the earthquake, finding a more than 35% increase in population of internally displaced persons.  This data has been used to make the case for shifting emergency funds to support the food producing regions of Haiti in order to provide a sustainable response to the earthquake.
  • Public Health Strategies for the Anse Rouge region – A29 engaged graduate students from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in executing a comprehensive public health report for the Anse Rouge region.  This report is being used by local and regional health authorities to attract government support for health programs and by A29 and UN agencies to develop a community based health strategy for the region.
  • Medical supplies – A29 has been securing and transporting medical supplies, materials, and aids for two health clinics in the Anse Rouge region, providing essential support to areas that completely lack outside assistance.
  • Salt Production and Iodization – A29 has partnered with one of the world’s top experts in salt production to develop a comprehensive plan for salt production and iodization in Haiti.  Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) affects 59% of Haiti’s population and is the leading cause of developmental disability in the world.  Adding iodine to consumable salt is the most effective way of combating IDD.
  • Irrigation – A29 is working with Engineer John Moore to develop a plan for comprehensive irrigation systems for the Anse Rouge region.  A29 is currently in discussions with UN civil affairs to determine appropriate international partners/agencies to move the irrigation plan forward.
  • Women’s Day March – A29 proudly sponsored a local peasant organization in planning and executing a regional women’s day march in April.  More than 400 women gathered and marched together at the rally, which highlighted the demand of rural women for societal equality.

Our work cannot continue without your support! Please donate today!  Click on the “get involved” link above to see how you can help.

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